Daniel Hoyt

Daniel Hoyt was born (probably in Connecticut.) on June 1st, 1681 to Zarubbabel Hoyt and Hannah KNAPP.

1704 - At the age of 25, Daniel married Elizabeth Keeler.

Over the next 20 years, Elizabeth bore him eight children in Norwalk, Fairfield co., Connecticut:

Abel Hoyt (1705 - 1774) Married Sarah ______ in 1730
Ezra Hoyt (1707 - 1790) Married Pheobe BENEDICT in 1731
Abilgail Hoyt (b. 1-26-1709) Married Eliakim SMITH
Daniel Hoyt (1710 - 1786) Married Sarah BENEDICT in 1735
Abner Hoyt (1714 - 1797) Married Pheb ______ in 1739
John Hoyt (1716 - 1790) Married Sarah PICKETT in 1748
Nathan Hoyt (1718 - 1790) Married Elizabeth LOCKWOOD in 1741
Abram Hoyt (1724 - 1798) Married Dorothy KEELER in 1750


The Keelers and Hoyts were obviously close during this period. They lived in Fairfield County, Connecticut. from 1706 to ____ then abt. 1752, they moved to _____New York. These were the early days of these establishments and families were obliged to intermarry out of necessity. The Keelers and Hoyts were no exception to this fact in the early 18th century in the New World.

Elizabeth was the oldest of nine children. Her parents, John Keeler and Mehitable (Rockwell) Keeler, were an "early" Connecticut. family.

John was the second-oldest of seven or eight children born to Ralph Keeler, who immigrated to Connecticut. sometime before 1650 from Lawford, Essex, England where Ralph was born in 1613. Mehitable's parents were John Rockwell and Elizabeth Weed.

Elizabeth, and her brother Daniel, married their children Abram Hoyt and Dorothy Keeler to each other. Dorothy was the third of ten children while Abram was the youngest child.

Dorothy's mother was Hannah Whitney, born November 5th, 1707 to Joseph and Hannah (Harkins) Whitney.

Dorothy's brother, Daniel Keeler, married his daughter Hannah to Dorothy's son Jachin.

Daniel also married Sarah Starr but there is no other information on this union. For all we know, Elizabeth may have died anytime after 1724 when she was 45 and had had eight children, the last one, Abram, coming six and a half years after the prior child, Nathan.

1764 - At the age of 83, Daniel died in 1764 in Norwalk, Connecticut.