James Minor Winn 1810 TN - 1868 AR

Probably James Minor Winn was born May 10, 1810 in Bedford county Tennessee, the 4th son of Minor H. Winn and Matilda Bedford. MS

His relationship to Minor H. is established best by evidence accumulated by Bob Saunders.

His birth and early years, prior to arriving in West Fork in 1832, have not been adequately researched.

Birth & Death records - b. May 10, 18__ ( headstone illegible)
1840 West Fork census - b. 1800-1810
1850 West Fork census - James is 40, b. SC
1860 West Fork census - James is 50, b. TN
Second m. license - age 53 in 1867 = b. 1814. see A Likely Scenario
Born 10 MAY 1810 in Rover, Bedford Co, TN 3 8
There's a James Winn, 38 in 1850 Bedford county, TN census. 2

GEDCOM (James's Descendants)

Picture: James Minor Winn, V, Washington county, 1850s. Courtesy of the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History/ Washington County Historical Society Collection (P-2231) Documentation

Bloyed Marriage

Nancy Bloyed was born May 10, 1816 in Green co., Kentucky 3 8 a daughter of Eli and Mary Bloyed, early settlers in West Fork. Nancy came to Washington county, Arkansas in 1828 at around the age of 12 5 with her Bloyed family. Eli's History Families 10

1850 West Fork census Nancy is 36 therefore b. ~1814.
1860 West Fork census Nancy is 44, therefore b. ~1816.

On March 17, 1833, not long after his arrival in West Fork, James married Nancy Ann Bloyed. James was 23 and Nancy 16. 1840 West Fork Census 1850 West Fork Census Families 10

Civil marriage recording began in 1845 so, if there is a record, it would be with the church.
Married the 7th per Robert D. Saunders, Jr. 2
History of AR (Goodspeed) has James Winn and Nancy Bloyd married on March 17, 1833 in Washington county, AR. 1 [GET/LINK]

The Bloyeds and Winns farmed on their lands near West Fork, most of it in Twp 14, but certainly not all as James, Zadok, and Eli were early settlers and major landholders in the West Fork area.

Eli Bloyed

Children - Nancy and James

Reference Information Only! Additional info held by the webmaster (in database format) on children w/o a page.

Eli MS 8

b. 1834 AR Families


m. Matilda McKnight

Thomas - Lucinda - Bettie - Sarah - James

Eli was an Elder in the Christian Church at Mountain View, AR

Zadock MS Families Zadok 8


Gravestone Zadok & Mary
Bio (GenWeb)
1900 Census - West Fork

b. 1836 AR

d. 1913 AR
[d. 1915 AR] MS

m. Mary Ann Caughman 1853

Farmer and stock raiser. Honorable service Co. D, 1st AR Cavalry (Union) discharged August 23, 1865. Deputy Marshall under Thomas Boles. Their home was directly across from the present West Fork Middle School. The first school constructed on their land. He died at home on March 1, 1913.7

Melvina - Nancy - Matilda - William - Lucinda Bashiba - Hettie Pauline - Purnety Arlene - Albert Sebron - Almeda - John Taylor Families

1871 - Paid $.83 tax (of Fayetville?) for the sale of a stallion per the District 3 Monthly & Special Tax lists.
1910 - Pictured with family and house on Winn-Weber Mountain - See Families write-up

m. Sydney Owens aft 1907 (m. widower, John Karnes after Rachel dies in 1915)

Matilda MS 8

1900 Census - West Fork

b. Nov. 7, 1838 AR

d. Jan. 22, 1910 AR

m. William Carson Graham 1859 (1822-1910)

Zadock - James - Nannie (Nancy?) - Bettie - Tolbert

Marinda MS Louisa 8

b.1840 AR

d. 1909 AR

m. Zadock Clayton Winn (1st cousins thru Minor H. Winn) Obit

Aldin - Katherine - Marinda Elizabeth - Hensley - James Milas (Miles) - Ella - Henry - Antonia - Virgil - Fanny - John

Gravestone in Winslow, AR (Marinda & Clayton)

Rachel MS 8 Walker

1900 Census - West Fork
Winn-Karnes of Washington County

b. 1843 AR

d. 1915 AR

m. John Karnes 1861 (m. Zadock's widow Sydney Owen)

Andrew - Henry L. - Charles - Susan

Pictured: Andrew with wife, Florence Dye and daughter, Lillian. Source: Karnes - Winn Family Album (Bob Saunders)

John MS 8

1900 Census - Prairie, AR

b. 1847 AR

d. OK

m. Mary Matilda Combs MS 1868

Saphronia - Coledenia

Mary MS 8 S.


b. 1850 AR

d. 1909 AR

m. Samuel Hale MS 1871

5 children ?

1900 Census - West Fork

Cynthia 8


b.1852 AR

d. 1864 AR

Died young.

Buried row 15 in West Fork Cem

Edmonia MS 8


b. 1855 AR

d. 1914 AR

m. Harvey Dearing 1887 1888 (b. Campbell Cem?)

Ina Edna - Elsie R. - Osa Lee - Tom?

1900 Census - West Fork
In the 1870 census Eliza listed a 15 year old white male (at home) named Mausey. Could this have been Edmonia?

Joel L. MS 8

b. 1855 AR

d. 1936 KS

m. Magdelina Martin 1890

6 children

Margaret MS 8


b. 1858 AR

d.aft 1900 AR

m. James Reed 1878

Fredrick - Effie - Ella - Orr - Pearl - Drada - Aaron - ?

1900 Census - West Fork

Nancy Bloyed Passes

Nancy is 42 when she has her eleventh and last child, Margaret in 1858. Caring for the young twins during this last pregnancy was hard on her. After a few years--having no more children--she succumbs and dies January 9, 1863 at the age of 47. Nancy is buried in the West Fork Cemetery. 3 8

Hancock Marriage

Karnes - Winn Family Album (Bob Saunders)

Eliza H. Hancock was born January 10, 1844 in Tennessee. The 1860 census of Mountain, Washington co., shows Eliza 16 and in school. She is the second daughter of Robert (a carpenter) and Martha Hancock, also born in Tennessee.

She had a younger brother named Addison who had ten children and owned acreage in West Fork.

On March 31, 1867, during Civil War Reconstruction--long after losing Nancy--James married Eliza Hancock. Eliza had recently given birth to a third child with James.

James would live less than two more years.

Marriage License: James Minor Winn to Eliza Hancock
gravestone listing Birth & Death Records

James's Age - The Marriage Record

Most records point towards 1810 as the year James was born. So why does his 1867 marriage record show he was 53 when he should have been 57?

A Likely Scenario --- Speculation by Randy C. Smart

Its 1864 in the midst of the Civil War, with his life already torn asunder by the loss of his wife, James looses Cynthia, a 12 year old daughter, for lack of proper care. The church is there to help them thru the immediate crisis but insist he get long-term help raising his kids (17M, 14F, 9M, 9F, and 6F).

A call goes out to the nearby community and soon James has a 19 year old maiden helping out. During the war, James got Eliza pregnant--followed by more pregnancies. In the confusion of the times, others thought they we married. Following the war, the local clergy force a quick wedding. He is 57. She is 22 with either two children and pregnant or with three children, one a newborn--this in addition to taking care of James's house and other children.

James let the clerk recording the marriage lable him as 53, only a little less embarrassing than 57--about the average life span then. It was Reconstruction and things were changing quickly and James's lie would soon go to his grave with him.

Children - Eliza & James

Martha MS Adeline 8

Winn-Karnes of Washington County

b. 1865 AR

d. 1892 AR

m. James M. Karnes 1883

Bessie - Earnest - Hugh


Pictured: James and Hugh 1892 Karnes
Winn Family Album (Bob Saunders)

Martha/James buried in the Karnes Family Cem.

Walker Robert MS 8

Gravestone (Walker/Maggie)
1900 Census - West Fork
1948 Obituary

b. 1866

d. 1948 AR

m. Margaret "Maggie" Chapman 1889 AR

Ethel - Stella I.- Dora


Picture: 1893 Karnes - Winn Family Album (Bob Saunders)

Lived out Bunyard Rd. where they had a goat ranch/orchard. Moved to the top of West Mtn. on Devil's Den Rd. where Maggie ran a boarding house.

George Allbright MS 8

Gravestone (George/Mary)
Obit - 1932
1900 Census - Porter, AR (later named Schaberg)

b. 1867 AR

d. 1932 AR

m. Mary D. Stockburger 1890 AR

Omer Addison - Martha Ann - Eliza Hecter (Lyda) - Robert George

Merchant Porter and Winslow, Arkansas. Cashier Bank of Winslow.


Picture: George, Mary - 1897 Karnes - Winn Family Album (Bob Saunders)

James Addison MS 8

James and Laura are both buried in the Karnes Family Cem. - both died April 2, 1949

1900 Census - Winslow, AR
Winn-Karnes of Washington County

b. 1869 AR

d. 1949 AR

m. Laura Karnes 1892 AR

James A./Dee Fulton - Paul Douglas - Troy Burl - Ruby Jeeter - Eliza Bernice - Vivian Julia

m. Minnie Studebaker Thomason 1941

Frisco Railway - Winslow Agent for 48 years.

Pictured: James, Laura, kids. Karnes
Winn Family Album (Bob Saunders)

Member Masonic Lodge.
One founder of Winslow, its Bank and Telephone.

Tracing His Steps

James had extensive land holdings - see Land Records

1832 When about 18 years old, James moved from Tennessee to Illinois, then to a farm near West Fork, Washington county, Arkansas with his family in 1832. MS Families James was to remain there the rest of his life.
1840 Census in West Fork, AR shows James listed directly under (living next door to) Minor H. Winn as well as near the Bloyeds.
1841 James Winn appointed commissioner to meet at John Holcombs in West Fork Twp. on 2nd Monday in Feb., 1841, to view old and new road from Fayetteville up the West Fork of White River to the Crawford co. line. County Court Record, Vol. A, 1835-42, Wash. co., AR.
1843 Received land from Wm. & Peter Bloyed. Book D Pages 548 & 604
1844 A newspaper records that James and Nancy (with the Bloyed families) were among the initial membership in the first christian church in the state founded abt. 1844 under Stephen Strickland who related doctrine as taught by Alexander Campbell, Church of Christ.
1844 Received a homestead patent on 76.26 acres in Sect. 5, Twp 14 on August 1, 1844. Ass. # AR0930_.082
1850 The 1850 Census shows James's family, with 7 children, living in West Fork.
1854 James bought 40 acres in Sect. 32 Twp 15 in West Fork from Eli and Nancy Bloyed for $6.00 on October 28, 1854. Book 131-31 Deed
1854 James bought 40 acres in Sect. 32 Twp 14 from Anderson and Jane Hutchens for $50.75 on December 9, 1854. Book K - 435 He registered it on November 15, 1854. Ass. # AR098-_.294 Document
1857 James bought 40 acres in Sect. 32 Twp 14 from (M. P. and Rebecca Loundon?) for $100 on December 26, 1857. Book N-140 Document
1858 Received a homestead patent on 76.07 acres in Sect. 5, Twp 14 on May 3, 1858. Ass. # AR1010_.233
1860 West Fork Census shows James and Nancy and 7 children. They lived very near sons Eli/Matilda (4 kids) and Zadock/Mary (3 kids) as James might have given the two oldest sons farmland.
1860 Received a homestead patent on 40 acres in Sect. 6, Twp 14 Range 30W on October 1, 1860. Ass. # AR1090_.058
1861 Received a homestead patent on 80 acres in Sect. 5, Twp 14 on May 1, 1861. Book 220-594 Ass.# AR1090_.380
1861 James obtained 80 acres in section 5 and 6, Twp 14 on May 1, 1861 form the U.S. Govt. Certificate
1864 James sold 80 acres in Sect. 32 Twp 14 to Ann Mary Gilstrap for $200 on December 7. 1864. Book J2-136 Document
1865 Son, Zadock served as a Private for a short while in Company D of the 1st AR Cavalry (Union).
1865 James Winn is listed as a Station Keeper from West Fork in the 1865 Arkansas Tax Rolls.

James Winn became part of the tax base for Arkansas during Reconstruction. He is listed on the tax rolls as Apple Brandy Distiller and paid taxes on an irregular basis. The town of West Fork grew up around him--a great storefront--and he paid the revenuers.

May 66 $1.67 Nov 67 $34.00
Sept 66 $10.50 1867 (Yearly) $10.00
Sept 66 (again) $12.50 July 68 $15.00
Oct 67 $25.00 Aug 68 $79.00
1867 James was sworn in as Deputy Sheriff in Washington county, AR by Sheriff Jacob Yoes, on June 20, 1867. He had to swear he had not dueled since January, 1838. Document
James Passes

James died December 7, 1868 at 58. Four months later, Eliza gave birth to his son, James Addison Winn.

In 1870, Eliza was still in the homestead in West Fork, being helped by a 17 year old illiterate black female named Emaline, who stayed on to help care for Eliza's four young children in addition to the twins and young Margaret. 1870 census

James is buried beside Nancy in Row 14 of the West Fork Cemetery.

Bob Saunders maintains his Find-A-Grave Memorial.

Cheri Coley found NO Death Certificate in Washington county, AR for James Minor Winn.
Birth & Death index - d. Dec. 7, 1869.

West Fork Cemetery

The Winn Family Plot

James Winn


Nancy (nee Bloyed) Winn

Karnes Marriage

On September 16, 1877 Eliza married Daniel Karnes in Washington county. [Licence issued 9-10-1877]

There are many source documents for Eliza's second family and other pieces of history including:

Daniel and Eliza had a child, Samuel Clyde "Jack" Karnes. He married Amanda Langston in 1898.

In 1906, he accidentally killed himself in Winslow.

Obituary - Springdale News 1906

Picture: Samuel Clyde "Jack" Karnes with Amanda Langston Karnes - Winn Family Album (Bob Saunders)

The Estate of James Winn, Deceased

Probate Records (Dec. 68 - Oct. 72) Transcription

James died "Seized and Pacified" having left no will but owning extensive property. Zadock Winn and William Graham (lawyer), were designated to administrate the Estate.

According to discovered records, James owned about 600 acres when he passed on. Most of it was close to the center of West Fork. Land was selling at $1 - $2.50 per acre. His estate was estimated to be worth $2000 at the beginning of his probate. He owed $719.33 per claims to his estate.

A $6000 bond was secured by: Claimants included:
  John C. Sherry
H. B. Wheeler
William M. Lines
G. W. Reed?

W. G. Oliver
Mark Cline
Reed and Ferguson
Robert Hancock

David Webb
John Phillips
Eli Bloyed (for $405)
John Winn
Eli Winn
Mary Winn
R. G. Winn
John Karnes
Much of James's property (excepting the original homestead and some other properties) was sold at auction to cover debts and expenses. His estate wasn't settled until 10-29-1872, almost four years after he died. Transcription of Probate Court Records
Eliza Passes

According to her gravestone info. in the Birth & Death index, Eliza (nee Hancock) Karnes died January 27, 1900. She was 56. She is buried in the Karnes Cemetery in West Fork, Arkansas.

She is listed there but no gravestone picture available.

Winn Family History in Washington County, Arkansas

James Minor Winn was an early settler in Washington county, Arkansas (arriving around 1832). Records of his extended family have been organized and indexes are presented for research purposes here.

1 Constance "Connie" R Cole GramereC@aol.com (from Dr. Thomas Wynne PA/DE line)
2 Robert D. Saunders has done extensive research centering on Minor H. Winn (1775 SC - 1840 AR) and his descendents.
3 Bloyd genealogy [William Bloyd b: 1750 Scotland] RootsWeb Gene.Perkins@att.net
8 Nancy (nee Bloyed) Winn - Unknown Source - 6 pages (numbered 28-33) from 6" x 9" book. Other families shown are close relationships.
9 Winn Marriages in Washington County, Arkansas 1845-1941 - Chronological listing compiled and referenced to various other indexes used in compilation. More Family Records from Washington County

I have seen several things on James Minor Winn and almost all seem to indicate his 1st wife was Nancy Ann BLOYED (2nd wife: Eliza Hancock (3 children) who later m. 16 Sep 1877, Daniel H. Karnes) Her father was Eli Bloyed.--Jack Wynn - http://www.argenweb.net/washington/cemph/westfork/EliBloyed.jpg

MS Original Manuscript (Page 19)

Other Contacts:

Craig Fahey craigerf@earthlink.net [Bloyd]
Roberta Hancock rlehancock@gmail.com; Researching Eliza Hancock lineage
Andrea (Prettyman) Hartenfels andy10@voicnet.com
Georgetta Smith georgettasmith@att.net [Zadok Winn / Mary Ann Caughman]
Bob Winn of Yoncalla, OR. Not an active Winn researcher. Bob Saunders worked with him to finance a Y-DNA test. The results show he has a 67/67 marker match with six other men. His test is important because he's the only Winn donor with a proven paper trail back to James Minor Winn.
Harris B. "Jack" Wynn III jwynn@mindspring.com 6345 Colewod Ct., Atlanta, GO 30328 404 255 5897