George Valentine Clapp (1702 - 1773)


Born Jorg Valentine Klap, son of Johann (Joseph) Ludwig Clap and Anna Margaretha, was born in Weisenheim-Berg, Vic. Bad Durkeim, Hesse, Germany 1 on May 24, 1702. 1 9 (page 97) After immigration to America, he went by the name of George Valentine Clapp.

Jorg's signature on the passenger list in 1727:

George Veltin Klapp became a resident of Weisenheim am Berg in 1723 and had to pay (as a new citizen) a fee of two florins. He had returned after completing his vocational training, a prerequisite for marriage. CFA Vol IV Nos 3 and 4 p 12:

"Valentine Clapp died Oct. 12, 1773 aged 71 years, 4 months, 2 weeks and 4 days. He was married 51 years and had 12 children, 7 sons and 5 daughters-- the Brick Church record page 97

Marriage - Stiess

Jorg Valentine Klap married Anna Barbara Stiess 2 (b. 1706 in Germany) on August 24, 1723 in Weisenheim am Berg, Hesse, Germany. 1

Marriage recorded Lutheran Church of Weisenheim am Berg, Georg Valentin Klapp, son of Joseph Klapp and Anna Barbara Stiess, daughter of Philipp Stiess 24 Aug 1723
Records from this period show them members of the Reformed congregation.

They were married August 27, 1723 per "Albright, Clapp, & Berk Families" by Josepph H. Vance 5

Immigration from Germany

In 1727, he immigrated with his father and family. See his father's page. Immigration Analysis Passenger Listing

Jorg Valentine Klap 3 along with his father, Johann Ludwig Klap 3 came from Germany to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the ship James Goodwill, arriving September 27, 1727 3.

Life in Pennsylvania

Per The Clapp Family Newsletters :

The original German Klaps settled in Berks county, Pennsylvania following immigration in 1727. Because land in eastern Pennsylvania was expensive, they migrated to North Carolina in 1745 6 to vacant lands to the eastward and westward of the Yadkin River. In time (17XX) , they went westward and settled also on the Catawba [in SC]. There they started their own Reformed Church, near Whitsett, North Carolina. See map

The Move to North Carolina

Around 1748, George Valentine Clapp and his son John Phillip Clapp moved to North Carolina. Joseph must have come too but shown dying in PA???

George and Joseph were co-founders of Der Klapp Kirche, the forerunner of The Brick Church, near Whitsett, North Carolina. 6

Children with Barbara

    Born Died Notes
  Infant unnammed stillborn 5 GER 1725 5 1725 5  
  Maria Elisabeth 3 5 GER 1726 3 5 America Immigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania with her family when a baby.
  John Philip Sr. 5 PA 1731 5 1798 NC  
  Maria Veronica 5 PA 1733 5    
  Jacob 5 PA 1734/35 1739 5   m. Anna Barbara Foust Dec. 1, 1772 (brick.html)

Charles Troy 5

PA 1736 5    
  Maria Barbara 5 PA    
  George "Tobias" 5 PA April 17, 1739 5 January 18, 1735 December 18, 1806 5 Febuary 1800 Left an 1800 will. 5 Find-A-Grave baptized: Dec. 15, 1782 (brick.html)
  Joseph 1741 1817 Not shown on 5
  John Ludwig 5 PA ~1742 5    
  Anna Mararet 5 PA ~1744 5   m. Adam Luger June 22, 1780 (brick.html) 9 p. 93
  Daniel 5 NC ~1747 5   m. Maria Holt dau. of Jerimiah Holt March 24, 1807 9 p. 95
  Stephen 5 NC 1751 5    

Tracing Their Steps

  1745 John lived in the Beaver Creek section of Guilford NC. He settled near the present village of Alamance [ne: this is near the headwaters of Sandy Creek], est Low's Church Lutheran and Reformed until 1770, when Reformed/Patriots withdrew to former schoolhouse built by Clapps
  1757 George purchased 320 acres of land on September 20, 1757 from H. E. McCulloch's Grandville Estate in District #11 in North Carolina. 10
  1758 Probable sons of George Valentine and Barbara Stiess were among the men who followed a band of rogue Cherokee and killed four [w/Robert Wade]. The Clapp men [above the age of 16] were Tobias, Philip, and Joseph. CFA Vol IV Nos 1 & 2 page 3
  1763 George purchased 362 acres in H. E. McCulloch's Grandville Estate in District #11 on Mary 8, 1763. what was the disposition of this land? a different George? possibly the "Valentine" shown as 1763 registrant in Bruckner map:
  1767 Show on a list of citizens naturalized as German natives on September 22, 1767: George Valentine Clapp, Joseph Stailey, Phillip Kinse (Kimes?), Jacob Boon, Michael Brown (Salisbury Superior Court Minutes p598) Rowan Co NC
  1771 Guilford County formed from Orange.
  1773 George sold 320 Acres in H. E. McCulloch's Grandville Estate District #11 to George Tobias May 19, 1773. references "Valentine" to "Tobias" after formal introduction of George Valentine Clap to George Tobias Clap wit: Phillip Clap and Barnaby Clap [Guilford Book 1 p 251]


George Valentine Clapp died on October 12, 1773 in Guilford County, North Carolina. 1 He was buried at the Brick Church, near Whitsett, North Carolina. 4 Find-A-Grave

No will or settlement was found by Naomi in Guilford County for George Valentine Clapp.

Brick Church note: he lies hard by the eastern middle of the church wall. 

His body probably lies not far from the SE corner of the church. 9 p. 97

d. Oct. 12, 1773 4 5

Anna Barbara (nee Stiess) Clapp d. October 12, 1775 and is also buried at the Brick Church, near Whitsett, North Carolina. Find-A-Grave She was born ~1774 (brick.html)


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