Decendants of Manoah Hardin Sillivan and Frances Finley

William Edwin Sillivan

William Edwin Sillivan was born January 13, 1855 in Harrodsburg, Monroe County, Indiana.

He married Sara Amelia Gibbs February 26, 1880 in Seward, Nebraska. They had eleven children:

Name (at birth) Born - Died Married / Children
Nellie Madge Sillivan (1881 - 1966) Thomas Roe - 2 child: Laura & Bill Roe
Uva Belle Sillivan (1883 - 1965) Wm Wyllie - 1 child: Mary Amelia Wyllie)
Ira Oscar Sillivan (1885 - 1965) Never married ?
Robert Harden (Horace?) Sillivan (1886 - 1982)

Mary Barnett - 2 child: Mildred & Frances (married Nobel Soots)

Alva Edwin Sillivan

(1887 - 1963) Lydia Ann Ord - 5 child: Norman, Warren Alva, Wayne Loren, Sarah Ellen (married Clyde Jellison) & Craig
Melvin Dale Sillivan (1891 - 1969) Irene Dearing & Hattie Lord
Leslie I. Fay Sillivan (1893 - 1959) Eva Elsie Cooper - 2 child: Kenneth & Marjorie
Emory Ivan Sillivan (1895 - UNKN)

? Neeley - 1 child: Maxine

Florence Olive Sillivan (1897 - UNKN) Carl M. Brown
Ivan E. Sillivan (1898 - 1982) Never married ?
Delmer Gibbs Sillivan (1900 - 1982) Never married ?

William and his family of ten moved from Sargent, Neb. about the turn of the century to Grangeville, Idaho. He and four siblings moved to California.

William E. Sillivan died March 17, 1948 at age 93 and is buried in Meridian, California.

His wife Sarah Amelia Sillivan died in 1917 and is buried in Harpster, Idaho.

Thomas James Sillivan

David Thornton Sillivan

David Thornton Sillivan was born July 18, 1858.

He married Mary Emma Sager on March 22, 1885.

Mary Emma (nee Sager) Sillivan with her three daughters Eva Belle, Inez and Lula Sillivan.

David and Mary had four daughters:

Name (at birth) Born - Died Married / Children
Belle Sillivan (1886 - 1964) Fredrick U. McBurney - see depot picture below
Inez Virginia Sillivan (1888 - 1932) Merls R. Banks
Luella Sillivan (1890 - UNKN) James A. Mead
Alameda Sillivan (aft 1890 - UNKN)

Never married - Died young?

David died October 2, 1949 and is burried in Boise, Idaho at the age of 91.

Luther Armstrong Sillivan

Luther Armstrong Sillivan was born September 30, 1860. He died in a mining accident on September 27, 1881 in Leadville, Colorado at the age of only 20.

Fanny Almyra Sillivan

Fanny Almyra Sillivan was born February 9, 1863 in Monroe County, Indiana. She married Charles DaLoss Brewer on November 8, 1881, at the age of 18, in Ord, Nebraska.

Fanny and Charles had eight children:

Name (at birth) Born - Died Married / Children
Robert Toombs Brewer (1883 - 1956) Grace Johnson Arnold
Edith Corbin Brewer

(1885 - 1967)

Leonard Henry Simpson - 5 child: Fannie Censva, Virgil Leonard, Norval Williard, Edith Nadine, & Robert Ray
Hammond Ireneus (Rene) Brewer

(1887 - 1956)

Naomi Williams
Marcia Casendane (Cassie) Brewer (1889 - UNKN)

Elmer Anthony Covert - 1 child: Violet Lucile (married Joseph Paul Eagan)

Stella Maude Brewer (1893 - 1938) Wm. Mason Catt - 4 child: Charles Lewis, George Washington, Homer (Jiggs) & Wm Mason Jr.
Blanche Brewer (1895 - UNKN) Louis Henry Knollenberg - 1 child: Betty Lou

Clarinda Faith (Clin) Brewer

(1903 - UNKN) William Warren Burchill - 1 child: Brewer Rene
Lyle Hanley Brewer (1906 - UNKN) Grace Maude Thomas - 2 child: Charles Edwin & Joyce Elaine

Fanny died November 9, 1941, at the age of 78, in Augusta, Kansas. She is Buried in Fairview Cemetery, near Kechi, Sedgwick Co., Kansas.

Benjamin Walter Sillivan

Benjamin Walter Sillivan was born December 9 , 1864. He died October 21, 1939 in Wichita, Kansas at the age of 74.

George Finley Sillivan

George Finley Sillivan was born October 9, 1866.

He married Charlotte Agnes Geiser on March 1, 1893 in Taylor, Nebraska. They had twelve children:

Name (at birth) Born - Died Married / Children
Pearl Mildred Sillivan (1894 - UNKN) Loren Harris
Edna Sillivan

(1895 - UNKN)

Estes Walker
Russell Sillivan

(1897 - UNKN)

Uslla Bowles
Oliva Sillivan (1899 - UNKN)

Berla R. Kelly

Lena Sillivan (1901 - 1921) Joseph Kidd
Ella Sillivan (1903 - UNKN) Luke Risker

Nellie Letha Sillivan

(1905 - 1913) Never married ?
Nestie Sillivan (1908 - UNKN) Loyal Hughes
Lavina Sillivan (1910 - UNKN) Ivan McCowan
Georgia Sillivan (1913 - UNKN) Charles Palley
Roy Sillivan (1914 - UNKN) Never married ?
Rosella Sillivan (1918 - UNKN) Carl Edward Pitman - 2 child: Ronald & Sandra

George died November 4, 1955 at the age of 89. He is burried in Emmett, Idaho.

Luella Catherine Sillivan

Luella Catherine Sillivan was born February 9, 1869 in Oskaloosa, Iowa.She married Thornton B. Myers in 1900 when she was 31.

She and Thornton had three children:

Name (at birth)
Arthur Myers
Charles Myers
David Myers

Luella died December 7, 1944 in David City, Nebraska at the age of 75.

Edward Newton Sillivan

Edward Newton Sillivan was born October 18, 1872 in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

He married Susan Lourena (Lou) Adamson. Edward and Susan had four children:

Name (at birth) Born - Died Married / Children
Ida Marie Sillivan (1894 - UNKN) Milo C. Vose - 3 child: Robert Ellwyn, Charles Edward, James LeRoy
Claude Sillivan

(1901 - 1924)

Never married
Clyde Edward Sillivan

(1901 - UNKN)

Mildred Leep - 7 child: Herbert LeRoy, Norman Eugene, Maynard Lloyd, Richard Dean, Donald Gary, Betty Lou & Curtis Edward
Jennie Sillivan   John W. Newell - 1 child: James Edward

Edward died April 23, 1958 in Sargent, Custer County, Nebraska at the age of 85.

John Kenworthy Sillivan

John Kenworthy Sillivan was born December 15, 1875 in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

He married Stella Neill . He and Stella had three children:

Name (at birth)
Lucilla Sillivan
Annette Sillivan (married a Nelson)
Wiley Sillivan

John and Stella were divorce on October 4, 1909.

He later married Ellen Alvis and she had a daughter Jean Sillivan.

He later married Morzilla Piper.

John died April 24, 1966, at the age of 90.


Judy Crumley and Charlotte Yoders, daughters of [WHO?]

Mary Amelia (nee Wylle) Hepel, 222 Douglas St. Salinas, Calif. Mary is Uva Bell (nee Sillivan) Wylle's daughter and the granddaughter of William Edwin Sillivan, oldest son of Manoah Hardin Sillivan and Frances Finley.
Frances (nee Sillivan) Soots daughter of Robert Hardin Sillivan born 1886 in Sargent, Nebraska and granddaughter of William Edwin Sillivan, born 1855 in Indiana..Frances Soots. 668 Saginaw St. Apt.2 Redding, Calilf.96001 Oct 1979
Jerry McBurney might be able to get information from his Aunt Lois [WHO?] as to where the tin type album went to. I was hoping that Jerry McBurney would have answered my e-mail to let me know if he was able to get any information from his Aunt Lois as to where the tin type album went to.

The sign says Idaho Fruits, J E. Yates, Boise Idaho. That is all the story that I know . They must have lived there.

Larger version of picture

Several of the people are holding up some kind of fruit. It looks too small to be an apple and too big to be a strawberry but I don't know what it is.

The lady in the white ruffled hat is Eva Belle Silliavn and to her right is her sister Inez. Behind Inez is their mother Mary Emma Sillivan. In front of Mary Emma we are unsure but think that is Belle's father-in-law William McBurney and in front of him is her mother-in-lay Rachael J. McBurney. No one ealse is identified in the picture.

I got these pictures from Darlene McBurney. There are a lot of them that are not identified. So sad. Most of them are of the McBurneys, I think. They don't seem to have any more that they know of as of now.

It was interesting that Belle married Fred McBurney and that her mother and his mother and possibly her father-in-law are all in the picture and I wonder since Inez is in it if the young girl beside Inez could be there younger sister Lula Sillivan.


Two pictures are Inez Sillivan. One is a tin type and the other a studio picture. The other picture is Eva Belle Sillivan when she was a baby.