Everett Fredrick and Martha (Watson) Sillivan

Everett was born Nov. 21, 1880 in Seward county, Nebraska * the oldest son of Thomas and Charlotte Sillivan.

He married Martha Omilia (Mattie or Minnie) Watson on Nov. 30, 1902 in St. Paul, Nebraska. Present were A. E. Watson, M.D. Smith - County Judge and Mrs. Bertha Watson.

He was 22 and she 17.

* [Death Certificate shows born in Iowa. May have been born in Milford, NE.]

Martha Watson was born on 14 Oct 1885 in Grenola, Kansas. She died on December 4, 1937 in Torrington, Wyoming.

Everett farmed in Nebraska for a while earlier in his life then became a Teamster in South Dakota where he dealt with the Indians of that region.


Everett and Martha had six children:

  • Edna
  • Clarence (Bud)
  • Mabel
  • Albert (Elmer)
  • Lester (Jack)
  • James (Jim).


The children are pictured here with their father, Everett. Then a picture of Mabel when younter.

Sillivan Children - The oldest is Edna (born 1903) and then Clarence Lloyd (Bud - born 1905) the oldest boy.

It is unsure exactly who the others are. It could be Mabel (born 1907) in the center. But the two younger look like the same age. One of them could be Albert (Elmer - born 1909). But the other has to be a cousin (as could be the youngest three). Anyone have any other thoughts here? ~Randy

Later, Everett owned and operated a restaurant in Torrington, Wyoming called The Club Cafe

(Pictured here with Mattie and Everett on the right)


He sold the restaurant after the death of his wife .



Everett died on 6 July 1939 in St. Paul, Nebraska. of Angina Tectaris and was buried in Torington beside his wife, Martha.