Edna Mae Sillivan

My mother [Edna] used to tell us about the Indian chief that wanted to take her when she was a little girl in SD because he liked her pretty long braided hair. (Remember that was also mentioned at Aunt Mable (Sillivan) Creel's Birthday Party in Las Vegas).

--Bob Hoyt 2000


Edna was born July 12, 1903 in Ord, Nebraska the oldest child of Everett and Martha Sillivan.

Edna married Frank Livingston Hoyt on June 12, 1925 in Bayard, Morrill County, Nebraska.

She was 21 and he was 26.


Following her graduation from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Nebraska, she was a schoolteacher in a one-room rural school in the Bohemian Hills of Western Nebraska.

She rode a big black mule (one or Frank's) to school every day because he has long legs and would not get stuck in the high Nebraska snowdrifts. After about a year the mule almost ran into a closed gate that was usually kept open. That night Edna remarked to Frank that she didn't think Old Shine could see that well anymore. He laughed and said that Old Shine was born blind some 20 years ago!

There was a German-Russian immigrant farmer who had a big son in Edna's school and he was a bully and generally a trouble-maker so his farther told Edna to let him know if the boy misbehaved in school and he would "severely beat him with a string." Well, the boy remained in his defiant ways and even threatened Edna, so one day she came up behind him when he was in his seat and lassoed him, promptly got-tied him to his seat then spanked him with a yard stick. From that time on, he was a model student and even cried when she stopped teaching at the school.

Edna was a life-long Baptist and a long-time member of the Rebecca Lodge. She was also very active in the American Legion Auxiliary and did volunteer work at the Livermore Veterans Hosp. She was especially helpful to those veteran's who had lost both arms and both legs (the basket ward). She also did volunteer work at Tracy Community Hospital for many years and served as the president of the Hospital Auxiliary. Though the American Legion, she was the chairwoman of the committee to choose the Girls State Representative. She was also active in various other organizations and she was generally liked and respected in the Community.


Edna and Frank had three children:


Edna died on Dec. 7, 1970 in Tracy, California at the age of 67.

Frank remarried Drucilla Patrick on Aug. 4, 1971. Frank died on Oct. 11, 1986, at the age of 88, in Tracy. where they are all buried.