Benjamin L. and Eliza (Gentry) Sillivan

Benjamin L. Sillivan was born Aug. 8, 1796 in Stokes county, North Carolina.

He was born on Aug 13, 1996 Tuck5

The U.S. Census records for 1820, 1830, & 1840, which while they do not give an exact age they reflect dob between 1795 - 1800. 1

He was the son of Thomas Sullivan Sr. and Nancy Boswell.

First Marriage

Benjamin married Elizabeth Marshall on Nov. 5, 1815 in Surry county, North Carolina. Richard Sillivan was bondsman). Elizabeth was born about 1794. [b. 1792 (in VA) per one family tree 1] Tuck 1/2/3

Elizabeth (Marshall) Sillivan died sometime about 1821-5. 1


Benjamin and Elizabeth had three children:

Richard M. Sillivan b. 1815-20
John L. Sillivan b. 1815-20
Mary Jane Sillivan b. 1821-1910 m. John Linville Jr. and had 7 children

Second Marriage

Benjamin L. Sillivan married Eliza [Carmichael 1] Gentry in 1825 when he was 39 and she was 25. 2

She was born September 20, 1800 at Huens Creek, Stokes county, North Carolina to Richard Gentry IV (b. Apr. 30, 1773 in Virginia d. 1831) and Rebecca Lindsay BARNETT (m. Apr. 19, 1788 in Lousie County, Virginia). [Rebecca was born 1779 and died 1858. 1] More on her family in Ancestor-Rescue database. [move to gentry page???] Tuck4

Eliza died in 1853.


Benjamin and Eliza had six children:

Ira J. [Irwin 1] Sillivan

b. 1829 m. Martha Smith Walker on Oct. 28, 1847 Bloomington, Monroe co., Indiana

1827-1865 1

Children: Mary E. & Benjamin E. Sillivan (10?)

Edwin [Fletcher 1] Sillivan

b. 1830 m. Jane Thrasher (1 child)

1829-1851 1

Manoah [Hardin 1]Sillivan b. 1831 - see his page
Frances Ann Sillivan

b. 1835

d. 1851 1

Susan Rebecca [Hampton 1] Sillivan

b. 21 Nov 1838 in Monroe Co., Indiana

m. James Franklin Carter on Oct. 28, 1862 in Bloomington, Monroe Co., Indiana

Children: John, Ira B., William Absolem, Martha Pearl, Neva B., Morton C., Grace B., Florence, Lucy M. Carter

d. 24 Sep 1918 in Bloomington, Indiana [more in dbase]

Martha Poland Sillivan

b. 1841 m. James O. Tarkinton 1

1840-1863 1

Benjamin T. P. Sillivan 1 1843-1848 1

Tracking His Steps

1820 Stokes Co NC (1820 Census) 1
1830 Stokes Co NC (1830 Census) 1
~1835 NC (based on children’s ages and birthplaces in 1850 Census) *I’ll send you this link 1
~1838 IN (based on children’s ages and birthplaces in 1850 Census) 1
1840 Monroe Co IN (1840 Census) 1


Just before he died , Benjamin made out a will. [In his will he mentions children not on record -- from his first marriage???]


Ben died at Indian Creek.

He died June 1, 1843 according to the Monroe County Cemtery Index, which indicates his age at death as 46 years, 9 months, and 23 days. More

He died on the 5th Tuck5