1871 Polk, Jefferson co., Iowa (Abingdon)

Historical plat showing Swain Hand's lands in near Abingdon in Polk Township 73 North Range 11 West, Sections 28 (44 acres) and 33 (55 acres). Neighbors were J. Cline and C. H. McCulloch.

1886 Marshall, Clay co., Nebraska (Marshall Township)

Download Historical plat showing Elijah Morris Hand's 80 acres in Section 30 Township 6 North Range 6 West of 6th Principle Meridian. In Section 28 is 160 acres belonging to Addison P. Randall who married Elijah's sister Mary Melissa Hand.
Historical Clay county plat/map - the entire of Clay County, showing Fairfield and Clay Center communities and the relationship between the townships (overlaying the sections).